Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Number of Weddings
How many weddings do you host a year?

Our wedding business continues to grow each year. With the renovations to our event space now complete, we hosted over 20 weddings in 2016.

Guest Capacity
How many guests can you accommodate?

Tourterelle’s outside reception space accommodates 200 guests comfortably. We can add a tent to the side of the building for dancing to seat all 200 guests in the main reception space.

Inclement Weather

How do you handle bad weather?


Rain on your wedding is considered good luck, right? But thankfully, we have a built-in rainy day plan for weddings, which includes hosting the ceremony inside our renovated barn space or in a tent alongside the barn depending on your preference. We’ll keep your guests comfortable and dry, no matter Mother Nature’s mood.

Event Coordination
Do I have to hire an event coordinator?

Although you certainly could, one of the benefits of booking at Tourterelle is Christine, owner, and Whitney, event coordinator, who ensure every detail is attended to during your wedding day. Christine has years of experience in hosting weddings and Whitney has been executing Tourterelle weddings flawlessly for over two years; they will be with you every step along the way to ensure your vision for your wedding day is executed.

Is the space handicap-accessible?

Yes, we have a ramp leading up to the event space and into the inn.

Space Rentals
What’s included with the event space?

At Tourterelle, you won’t need to rent out tables, chairs, linens, plates, glasses and silverware, unless you have a certain aesthetic you are trying to create. We can work together to define your aesthetic and the dining details for your big day.

We are on a budget. Can you work with us?

Yes, of course! We offer many customizations to work with a variety of budgets. There are many ways we can work with you to minimize costs to you, such as a buffet dinner or family-style dinner rather than plated service. Let’s chat and see what’s possible!